Clinic Tour

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Look For The Green Sign!

We are located just south of Taco Bell on M24.

Our Clinic

Feel free to drop by with your pets just to say hi and get treats. We want your pet to feel comfortable with us!

Our Lobby

It is always our goal to schedule appointments in a manner that keeps your wait time to a minimum. However, there is plenty of room and seating available to limit stress on both you and your pets. Not to mention--we have our two wonderful clinic cats that are happy to greet you!

Surgical Suite

We preform routine and elective surgical procedures every week day except Wednesday. 

Treatment And Kennel Area

Our private treatment area is meant to be a calm and quiet place to preform treatments and procedures that you may not want to be present for. 

Here, you can also find our cages and kennels for our hospitalized patients and both our pre & post-operative patients. We do as much as we can to keep our patients comfortable and relaxed when they stay with us. 

Pharmacy & Labratory

We keep a wide array of veterinary pharmaceutical products on hand so we can treat your pet with convenience and ease. 

We are also very proud of our state of the art laboratory equipment enabling us to better evaluate your pets health within minutes using our diagnostic machines.

Exam Rooms

Our exam rooms enable us to examine and care for your pets in complete privacy.